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TCS CodeVita Interview 2019

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  • Last Updated : 12 Jan, 2022

Round 1 : Solved 1 question and was called for Interview.
Round 2 : Interview on 7/08/19 at ABES Engineering College(not my college).

Coding questions asked during the course of interview
Asked to write code for all of the following, ample time given
was asked questions as I was writing the code, not about the problem I was solving

Pattern :
input : 3
0 0
0 0 0
0 0

Find the mirror Image of the String :

Rotate a string with given
input value : Hardik, 2
output : rdikHa

Given an array with duplicates in random order ,return sorted list with distinct elements

How Mongo is different than MySQL?

Why did you use Spring in project?
and a few other resume related questions.

Why has your Percentage Declined?

Puzzles :

With MatchBox with size 3cm. Find area of room we are sitting in?

Using a 3L and 5L mug….get 4L of water.

What do you mean when you say nlogn complexity?
I tried to explain by giving example of recursion, how solving recurrence relation gives nlogn but he wasn’t satisfied.

Inner join, Outer join

Stored procedures.

Was Asked to explain sorting algorithm of my choice.
I chose merge sort and bubble sort.

And questions regarding various situations :
What I would do if I got a Tech Support / Testing Project?
If I was comfortable relocating?
If I had a problem with night shift?
What I would choose to work on Web based Applications or Windows based applications?
I replied as I have worked on web before and a lot of major businesses these days are websites so I would choose web.
He then said even If you get a chance to work on a big application like SAP etc. that can manage huge organisations like TCS.
I said in that case I would choose windows based.

Interview lasted for about 40-45 minutes.I had to wait 5-6 hours before the interview.
Interviewers were very friendly.
They did try to heckle me a number of times and specifically asked me random questions to check my presence of mind while I wad writing code on paper.

I would recommend if you are preparing for a CodeVita/Digital Interview cover the following topics:
DS Algos(PriorityQueue, HashMap, Queue, LL, Stacks, Sorting).

Resume Projects
I wrote Java in my resume and was expecting questions on Core Java but wasn’t asked, I would still recommend doing Multi-Threading, Exception handling, OOPS.
Puzzles(If you have time)

If you have prepared some topics specially be sure to mention them in your examples
Example : I had prepared OOPS very well but didn’t mention while writing Code, should have mentioned.

All the Best!!

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