TCS Codevita Interview 2019

Round 1: It was an online coding competition TCS Codevita. Through this TCS offers direct interview opportunity for Job

I have got the interview opportunity by coding contest TCS Codevita. I have made 4 questions and the level of questions was moderate.

Round 2: It was an Interview Round over Video Calling from TCS Office to their Headquarter

After that, I got the interview opportunity. There was only one interview. All three recruiters TR, MR and HR were there. The first question was to tell us something about myself. I had participated in many contests organised by TCS so I mentioned all of them and share about my idea shortlisting in Smart India Hackathon. So they got impressed. The next question they have asked me about the idea that was shortlisted. They asked about my projects than some basic questions. The questions were:

What is OOPS?

Why multiple inheritance is not possible in Java? I explained with an example

The next question was about threading

The next question was how you can make garbage

Why main is static

Why private can’t be static

How you connected DataBase with java code

About the normalization in Relations

and the last question they have asked that I wasn’t able to answer was “Diff in Java7 and Java8”

After that, the HR asked me few traditional questions like,

Where do you see your self after 5 years?

What do you know about TCS?

What all the challenges you faced in your project.

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