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TCS Codevita 2020 Interview Experience

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Round 1: This Time Codevita was held on 15 August for Region 2 candidates(Northern Region). There were 6 questions and 6 hours were given to solve. The level of questions was not easy this time as compared to previous years’ questions. I was able to solve only one question out of 6 in a span of 1 hr.

I was qualified for the next round.

On 23rd September I got a mail from TCS for a pre-placement interview on 24th September.

Technical Interview : 

  1. The first question I was asked was about my IoT project(mentioned on my resume). I explained.

    • My project was on Home automation, so she asked me how I control the appliances. I answered.
  2. Do I participate in Hackathons? I answered yes.

  3. She asked me which language I am comfortable with. Since I know python(efficient) and java(basic) I answered. So she asked me a couple of questions from python and a few from java.

    • Why I choose python over java? I explained.
    • Why indentation is python mandatory? I answered.
  4. Then she asked me 2 questions from java.

    • What is the difference between checked and unchecked exceptions?
    • How to implement Multi-threading in java?

    Since I know that much in java, so I asked her to question me on python language only because I am more efficient on that. So she asked 2-3 questions more in python.

    • How to generate random numbers using library functions in python?
    • How to print the last value in a list by using library function in python?
    • What is lambda function in python?

Then came the HR interview.

HR interview :

  1. He asked me what I know about TCS.
  2. Who is the CEO of TCS ? I didn’t know, so he asked me the founders of Infosys and Wipro. I answered of Infosys only.
  3. Tell me the rivals of TCS.
  4. On which technologies TCS is working now?
  5. Tell me the clients of TCS.

MR interview :

  1. Why do I want to join TCS?
  2. Suppose I am a leader of 5 members in TCS. Out of five, three people don’t want to work under me and the deadline for the project is coming next week. Only half of the project work is done now. What should I do in this situation? I answered.

At last, all my 10th,12th, and mark sheet softcopy was taken my MR.

Results were declared on 5 October, I was selected for Ninja profile.



Last Updated : 10 Jan, 2022
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