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TCS Codevita 2019 (Season 8)

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  • Last Updated : 12 Jan, 2022

I have reported at : 9:00 AM on 30 July 2019,   at TCS Gachibowli. We were directed to a block and were asked wait until our name was called.

Round 1: The Technical round begin at 10:30 AM and the panel had a team of two TR’s. The next half an hour were a row of questions. The flows goes this way.

    1. Tell us about yourself? (Answered confidently.)
    2. How many problems did you solve in CodeVita? (Answered.)
    3. Explain the problem statement? (Explained the problem in brief.)
    4. Can you write the code and explain it? (I did. )
    5. Talk something about Haskell? (My Language expertise include Haskell language. )
    6. Why Haskell when there are many functional programming languages? (Answered)
    7. Where are these languages used in Industry? (Have examples of the companies using Haskell. )
    8. What is Machine Learning? (Briefed. )
    9. Implementation in the real world? Success and failure situations in Machine Learning?(Explained about AlphaGo and autopilot. )
    10. Types of Machine Learning?(Mentioned the names and differences.)
    11. Explain each of them? (Real time example of each type.)
    12. What is Smart India Hackathon and project presented in that Hackathon? ( I’m a participant of Smart India Hackathon (SIH), I explained the concept of SIH and the presented project.)
    13. Explain about your projects? (Spoke about my projects mentioned in my resume.)
    14. What is the Record made in Asia book of Records? (Explained.)
    15. What excited you to learn Machine learning? (Spoke about my motivations.)
    16. Can you write code for this question: A string of integers to get the maximum number that can be formed with the numbers in that string. (wrote code in Python)
    17. Can you replicate this in C language? (wrote using count sort approach)
    18. Explain the count sort algorithm? (Explained. )
    19. Why count sort and not any other sorting algorithm? (Explained. )
    20. What is the complexity of all available sorting algorithms? (Answered. )
    21. What is Latex? ( Answered. )

               We will let you know please wait out.

Round 2: The Technical round was followed by managerial round and HR.

      Managerial Round:

    1. Tell us about yourself? (Answered. )
    2. What is the project you have done in IIT? (I have attended machine learning course in IIT.)
    3. High-Level explanation about the project and technologies used?(Answered. )
    4. What is your role in the project? (Explained in brief. )
    5. Being an electronics student what motivated you towards Machine Learning? (Explained and the MR was convinced for my reason. )
    6. What if any other project is given will you be comfortable to learn the concepts? ( Yes sir.)
    7. Given a square divide into 7 equal parts (Answered. )

     HR :

      1. Do you have gaps in between your education?( No sir.)
      2. Present Aggregate?(Answered.)
      3. Active Backlogs?(No sir.)
      4. Any history of backlogs earlier?(No sir.)
      5. Have you passed all your std’s from X with a percentage  > 60%(Yes sir. )
      6. Are you ok to relocate?(Yes sir.)

I gave the Interview on 30th July and I received a mail from TCS team that I’m sorted for differentiated offer. For now I do not  know the package from this offer.

Be Confident about every single point mentioned in your resume and have a confident smile on your face. The process is easy. Thank you.

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