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TCS Codevita 2019 Season 8 Interview Experience
  • Last Updated : 13 Aug, 2019

I am from Hyderabad and I have solved 2 programs in tcs codevita 2019. I was called for an interview with in 2 weeks, after the declaration results. There are 3 rounds.

1)Technical round
2)Managerial round
First, I got an invitation mail from tcs to attend an interview.
On the day of the interview, I was alloted to a particular pannel.

Round 1:

me: Good Morning sir!
interviewer: Good Morning. Please take a seat.
me: Thank you sir
interviewer: can I have your resume?
me: (gave my resume)
interviewer: ok. Tell me about yourself?
me: (answered).
first tell your academics, then your internships ( if any), then projects, then certifications, strengths, and at last hobies(if asked*).
interviewer: ok. good.
what are the programming languages you are comfortable with?
me: C, PYTHON, JAVA, C++
interviewer: Can you code in any of these languages?
me: Yes sir.
interviewer: ok. How many problems have you solved in codvita?
me : 2 sir
interviewer: What are those?
me : Lexi string and islands
interviewer: Can you explain the problem statement  and the solution for islands?
me: (explained)
interviewer: good
interviewer: Can you explain problem statement of lexi string?
 me: (explained)
interviewer:  Can you write logic for lexi string?
me: (wrote)
interviewer:  explain?
me: (explained)
interviewer:  Good.
interviewer: (passed my resume to managerial round) .

Round 2:

interviewer: asked few questions on my resume.
me: (answered)
interviewer:  again few questions on cloud computing(actually i have mentioned it in resume).
me: (answered 4/5 questions)
interviewer: what are your current sem subjects?
me: software methodologies, software testing, cloud computing
interviewer: ok. So, you have software testing right?
me: I said “Yes sir, but the sem hasn’t started yet”.
interviewer:  ok. What are your previous sem subjects?
me: object oriented analysis and design, data warehouse, IOT, Linux.
interviewer: Can you answer any question on linux?
me: yes sir
interviewer: are u sure?
me: yes sir
interviewer: ok. What is kernel? and then What is shell?
me: (answered)
interviewer: ok. What is the command to move a file from folder to another folder?
me: move command(“mv”)
 interviewer: ok. What is the command to copy a file?
me: copy command(“cp”)
interviewer:What is the command to change the permissions of user, group and other?
me: took 1 sec time and answered(“chmod”)
interviewer: ok. How do you change the that?
me: By using “umask”
interviewer:  What is the value for giving all permissions to user, group and others?
me:  “777”
interviewer:  Good. Tell me about your background?
me: answered
interviewer: Are you comfortable in relocating anywhere in India?
me: Yes sir
interviewer: ok. How many states are there in India?
me: 29
interviewer:  ok. Just wait outside.
me: Thank you sir.
After 5 mins
called for hr round

Round 3:

interviewer:  Can I have your tcs application form?
me: given
Interviewer: Can i have your resume?
me: given
Interviewer: ok. Tell me about yourself?
me: answered
Interviewer: Can you learn any technology for the project you will be assigned to?
me: Yes maam, (with more confidence and a smile)
Interviewer: Have you organised any events in your college?
me: Yes maam and explained about the event
Interviewer: And you mentioned team player as well as team leader. Are you a team player or a team leader.
me: both maam
Interviewer:  Can you tell me a situation where you have been a team player?
me: told
Interviewer: Are you comfortable in relocating anywhere in India?
me: Yes maam
Interviewer: ok. We are done with the interview. Just wait outside.
me: Thank you maam
Went out.
After 5 mins coordinator said “you will receive a mail about the result”.

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