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TCS Codevita 2019 Interview Experience – Digital Offer

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Hey! I have solved 1 question in codevita season 8, actually, I have attempted 3 questions where one was presentation error, another was a wrong answer, other was Time Limit exceeded. So, I got a mail that I have qualified first round in codevita, later I got a mail to attend an Interview at Synergy Park, Hyderbad on 30th July.

So, my slot was at 9:30 AM, I reached the office by 9, I noted by the panel and other details for the interview and later I was called.

My Technical and Managerial was combined.
Technical as T,
managerial as M

T: Had your Lunch?
Me: No Sir, I had only Breakfast.

T: Why what you had? Is it sufficient?
Me: My nervous chills kicked in, No sir, I had a simple breakfast, yes sir It was sufficient.

T: Okay, Tell me about yourself?
Me: I explained about academics, Projects, My Internship experience and all.

T: What is the cloud?
Me: I explained it very badly,

I don’t know why I got tensed a lot and shivered. He saw that and calmed me down.

T: Don’t get tensed, calm down, we are here to give the opportunity to prove yourself. He asked in which language you are comfortable with
Me: Java Sir.

He asked about exceptions, Inheritance

T: Difference between Throws and Throwable
Me: Because of my tension, I forgot, But with a straight face I said, I don’t know sir.

He wrote the code on simple Java class and objects on paper and asked the output, which I said wrong and with the discussion with the Interviewer, I could manage to say the right answer. He was so generous.

M: Okay Karthik, Explain about your Work experience as an Intern
Me: I explained. I developed many apps in Flutter and used FFMPEG video editing library so he was keen on that.

M: So Karthik, Explain to me about Flutter and who developed it and what is FFMPEG
Me: I explained confidently and I also worked as Freelancer Mobile Developer so he asked about that as well.

Flutter: It is a cross-platform mobile application development framework, Single codebase for Both Android and iOS and easy to design and develop.

The interesting thing is Interviewer actually opened the play store, saw my apps.

M: You worked for StartUp, why you will join TCS? they will pay you more right?
Me: Sir, I can’t take the risk, I have personal problems.

T: So, Why did you choose Flutter, instead of react Native?
Me: I am not comfortable with javascript sir, I liked Dart, It is same as C so, I choose Flutter.

T: So, here you need to learn our won framework based on requirements what you will do then?
Me: Sir, I learned Flutter in 20 days, so I don’t think to learn something new will be a problem.

M: How did you get this offer from startup?
Me: They saw my LinkedIn profile, approached sir.

I mentioned my Github link, He also had a glance on that!.
Interviewer opened my codevita codes and asked
M: What is your contribution to this code?
Me: I laughed and said, I have written on my own.

They laughed.
He asked to explain the logic which I wrote.
I explained to them.

M: tell me the web project you had developed.
Me: I developed using PHP-CodeIgnitor with one of my faculty, and explained about that.

M: Karthik, you have chosen the right framework at right time, Don’t leave that.
Me: Thank you so much, sir.

T: There are 8 balls, from 7 are the same weight, 1 is heavier, you need to find the heavier ball with fewer chances.
Me: What instrument can I use? Digital balance or Physical Balance?
T: Whatever you like.
Me: I explained the logic, I could do it in 3
But the Interviewer asked to optimize
After a lot of discussions
T: I will explain see
Me: I was concentrating, I was really close to the answer, because of my nervousness, I couldn’t put that in words.
Me: Sir, I got the logic, and approached the logic with only two chances.

It was for around 1 hour 20 minutes. I came out exhausted and was tired really bad.
After 30 minutes they called for HR.

HR was really simple,

  • Tell me about yourself?
  • Why TCS?
  • Tell me about your family.
  • Willing to relocate?
  • Working in Night Shifts?.

Done in 15 Minutes.

Got the mail that I got Differential Offer(Digital Profile) through Codevita.
Don’t get tensed Like me. Stay calm
Reach early to the office, to get familiarize.
RESUME is really important, What you write, What you say, What actually exists, should match.
If not you will get caught.
Write only what you know.
Try to discuss as much as you can, Don’t hesitate to ask.
Eat well and attend the Interview.

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Last Updated : 12 Jan, 2022
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