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TCS Codevita 2019 Interview Experience

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  • Last Updated : 11 Jan, 2022

Round 1:Codevita Season VIII (TCS Global Coding Contest)

Codevita is a six hour coding competition.I solved 1 out of 6 problems.After 10 days i recieved a mail from TCS stating that I need to attend for interview in few days.

Round 2:

Venue – TCS Gitanjali Park, Kolkata

Date – 1st August, 2019

I was given the slot of 12pm to 4 pm.Initially the process started with document verification.After that applicants have to wait for the call for there interview.Though my slot was till 4pm, but I had to wait for long and I was called in 8:30 pm.

There were 3 panelists (Technical + MR + HR) and it lasted around 30 minutes.

Out of these 3 panelists, only one person was asking the questions, and the other two were only checking my resume.

Ques 1: Tell me something about yourself?

Ans: I answered while they went through my resume.

Ques 2: What are your subjects of Interest?

Ans: I answered Data Structures & Algorithms, DBMS, OS, C and C++.

Ques 3: Can you explain me ACID properties of DBMS Transaction Management?

Ans:I gave them a brief description of ACID properties and then explained the terms with some examples.

Ques 4: What do you mean by Normalisation?

Ans: I gave them a proper definition.

Ques 5: How can you differentiate between 1NF, 2NF and 3NF?

Ans: I answered them by explaining the dependencies and other conditions required for the different normal forms.

Ques 6: Can you explain me BCNF with an example?

Ans: I answered by taking a simple example as R->(A, B, C, D), and further explaining how and which keys are in which relations.

Ques 7: How can you differentiate between structure and union in C?

Ans: I answer them by explaining how sizes are decided in different manner in structure and union.

Ques 8: What is the difference between linked list and array?

Ans: I answered them by explaining the pointer references.

Ques 9: Why C is called structured programming language?

Ans: I answered by giving a brief description how C divides big problems in small structural blocks and solves them.

Ques 10: Explain the different Object oriented properties of C++.

Ans: I answer them by giving formal definiton of each properties.

Ques 11: What do you mean by void in C?

Ans: I gave a wrong answer.

Ques 12: Write a C++ program for bubble sort algorithm?

Ans: I wrote it in the given paper, and explained each steps by using comments. They appreciated this thing.

Ques 13: Explain the merge sort by an example.

Ans: I explained by using an array in a paper and draw how the array was getting divided, sorted and then finally merged.They further asked me to deduce the time complexity with this explanation.I did it very easily.

Ques 14:We are done with the questions, Do you have any questions?

Ans: I was told by my seniors to answer yes for this question so that the interviewer may feel that I am interested.So I said yes, and asked about my performance.

The MR replied me that it feels that I have knowledge of everything that I have mentioned in my resume, but I have not studied in depth for any of the topics.

This feedback gave me a little fear, but I said thank you and went out.

On 10th August, 2019 I received a mail saying that I have been shortlisted for the ninja offer.

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