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Tata Steel Interview Experience for Management Trainee Systems (On-Campus)

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TATA STEEL visited our college for hiring at management trainee systems post, CS and IT branches were eligible with >6.5cgpa. A total of 67 students appeared for the written test.

The written test was conducted on mettl platform which overall consisted of three major sections

  1. Aptitude: It consisted of numerical, logical, verbal, and data interpretation sections. Questions in this section were medium to a high level. Following Arun Sharma, the aptitude book would be really helpful. Also, give quite a bit of free mock tests online.
  2. Coding: The test consisted of 1 coding question of 30 min, the difficulty of the question was a bit above medium level, I got the question of finding the total number of pairs of the number smaller than the given number whose gcd is equal to 1, the numbers would start with 0, the question consisted of tricky edge cases and also the UI of mettl was quite different and these factors consumed me my extra time, however, I was able to solve the question 3-4 mins before the sectional deadline, a regular practice of cp based questions would ensure easy selection in this round.
  3. Technical MCQ: The technical MCQ round was again comprised of questions from medium to high-level c programming, OS, DBMS, computer networks were asked. Referring to GFG for these topics would be sufficient.

Out of 67 students, 7 cleared the written round(including me ;)) ). Next day we were scheduled for gd followed by an interview

GD Experience: We were given the topic “use of IT in manufacturing industries” and every candidate was allotted 2 mins to speak. Just think of little important topics and try to speak fluently, no one could deliver it excellently in such a short span of time. Be calm and confident. 

After GD, an interview happened on Microsoft Teams which went on for nearly 45 mins.

The first and foremost interview question which was asked me was “Tell me about yourself”.

Technical Round:

  1. Describe your project in entire detail.
  2. Technologies used in the project, and also the approach used for making the entire project(both frontend and backend).
  3. 3. How would you design a website for tata steel(just wanted to check the approach towards problem-solving, not minute details about implementation). Further to increase the difficulty level and asked me to add AI features in this project and how would it work… I gave a satisfactory explanation and they were pleased!! Period.
  4. How does PHP wrap up with HTML(Project)
  5. Difference between require_once and include functions in PHP (Project)
  6. What is SQL Injection
  7. What are normalization and its forms?
  8. Difference between triggers and stored procedures.
  9. Types of trigger
  10. Types of indexing in DBMS
  11. Binary Search and B+ trees use in indexing and searching.
  12. Explain any one encryption technique.
  13. Which operator is involved when a constructor is called?
  14. What is relational algebra in DBMS?

Overall I was grilled in DBMS and project-related questions heavily. Was able to answer most of them. Make sure to cover these topics in good detail.

HR Round: It was quite simple and straight forward round. I was asked 2 or 3 questions in this round such as are you willing to relocate, how much time would you require to change your tech stack and become proficient in some other technology, and few other simple questions, referring to the internet would be helpful for hr round.


4 students were finally selected from our college.

Last Updated : 08 Feb, 2021
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