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Tata Digital Interview Experience
  • Last Updated : 20 Nov, 2020

They conducted 3 rounds.

Round 1(Online test): This is an online test that is conducted on Hackerrank, it has 5 Multiple Choice Questions and 3 programming questions. The test duration is of 2 hours.

MCQs are mainly based on object-oriented programming language and the coding questions are also pretty easy and as they are function problems you have to just complete the function only. As I remember now in one question I just have to find the character which occurred a maximum number of times in a string and the other two are array-related questions.

Suggestion: Try to solve topic wise MCQs on Geeks For Geeks and also solve the function problems on Array and Strings from there.

Round 2(Technical Interview round): It is a virtual interview and there are two people in the panel.

  1. The interview starts with the “Tell me about yourself”, be confident in what you say because the next questions are coming based on your answer.
  2. Then they asked me to explain my project. My project is on application development in a flutter, and they asked what is the objective of my project.
  3. The next questions are on DBMS. Here basic questions were asked like what is normalization and what is the objective of it, difference between DROP and DELETE command, etc.
  4. Next, I was asked about the basic concepts of Object-Oriented Programming, and they told me to explain every feature of it, I was also asked about Exception Handling, Interface, etc.
  5. Then some Operating System questions were asked like what is a deadlock, necessary conditions of it, etc.

The interview goes on for about 30mins.

Round 3(HR round): Here not many questions were asked, they again asked to introduce myself, am I willing to relocate, why should they hire me, etc.

This round was going on for about 10mins.

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