Tata Communications – Pooled Campus Interview Experience

Tata Communications conducted a pooled campus drive in our college campus on November 23, 2017. It was a big day ended up with good experience. The various rounds conducted were :

Round 1: Before the actual interview process started, we were asked to solve few questions (apps, tech, logical & programming) in ValYou app for 3 consecutive days. Based on the scores, selected candidates was asked to send a video response of 1 minute about a specified topic. The topic given to me was – “The most important Application in your mobile phone.”

Round 2: The 2nd round happened in my college premises where 5 others colleges also joined for the process. It consisted of  a coding round with 5 programming questions to be solved in c / c++ /Java and 5 questions based on SQL queries. This round would be easy if you have solved few basic interview programming questions.

The few questions which i remember :

  1.  Reversing a linked list
  2. Armstrong number
  3. Generation of prime numbers

Round 3: The next level was Technical Interview  – Level 1. The recruiter expected candidates to be worked with multiple technologies, but to have a deeper knowledge in one particular technology. It started with the usual ice breaking question – “Tell me about yourself”.  Later on, more focused on my area of interest. It lasted for about 30 mins. If you’re technically sounded person with decent communication skills, this round would be a cake walk for you.

Round 4: Next  level was, Technical Interview – Level 2. This interview was only focused on Java.  It just lasted for 15 mins but too many technical questions. No other go, you should have banged your head with Java to cross this level.

Round 5: The final level was an HR round. The panel members of round 3 & 4 accompanied the HR. The interview process was stretched the entire day. The HR round was happening at midnight 12. The questions mostly revolved about management and leadership skills. The panel members were very friendly which made me very comfortable.

Only 7 students were selected for the role of Software Engineer.s

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