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Target Corporation Interview Experience | On-Campus Virtual Hiring

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Round 1 – Online test

This round has MCQ s regrading English reading comprehension, Reasoning, logical, Quantitative(Numerical) and technical questions. Technical questions were related to computer science domain.

This round also has 2 coding questions:

  1. Counting the duplicate elements in an array
  2. Optimal oil flow problem

Both questions had 2 public test cases and remaining are private test cases. Among private test cases, I cleared all test cases(10/10) in question 1 and some test cases(10/15) in question 2.

For those who cleared online test, there was an interview the very next day.

Round 2 – Technical Interview

Technical interview was carried out for an hour by two interviewers. They used Smart Meet for Interview process.

Initially they asked questions regarding Front end development as I have done web development projects and mentioned the same in my resume, but after attending few questions on Front end, I informed them that I did Back end, they accepted it and asked questions on them. 

Some questions which were asked to me are listed below.

  1. What is the difference between HTML and CSS
  2. Asked about few HTML tags and its uses
  3. How to link HTML and CSS
  4. What is Django and Flask framework (As I mentioned these technologies in resume)
  5. What is the use of numpy?
  6. What is a linked list and Array? And Differences.
  7. Among Linked List and Array, Which is better for searching and insertion operations and why?
  8. How to combine two unsorted arrays into a single sorted array?
  9. How to find duplicates present in an Array? If yes, which are they?
  10. How to find the word count of the words present in a given paragraph?
  11. How to perform insertion and deletion in Linked List?
  12. What are trees and heaps?
  13. What is a binary search tree? And its uses.
  14. What are operations we can perform on heaps?
  15. How deletion is done in heaps?
  16. Different types of Databases?
  17. Difference between Database and Files?
  18. Types of Normalisation in DBMS.
  19. Few queries in DBMS and the uses of clauses.
  20. OS concepts like paging, semaphore and deadlock.
  21. Differences between malloc() and calloc() functions.
  22. Basics questions in C, C++ and python.
  23. Right Shift, left shift bitwise operations and logical operations.
  24. Some unix commands and its uses.
  25. Questions related to the projects mentioned in the resume.

After 2 hours I got the mail regarding HR interview

Round 3 – HR interview

HR interview went for 30mins. It was arranged in Zoom video call.

Most of the questions were based on what I have mentioned in my resume. So I suggest you to make sure you know every bit of it (irrespective of companies)

  1. Few questions put up for me are listed below:
  2. Tell me about yourselves.
  3. How do you deal with the conflicts that is raised during carrying of the project
  4. How will you convince your teammates when there is a discrepancy in proposing a new idea?
  5. What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  6. Why do you like this company?
  7. Certifications mentioned in my resume.
  8. Few points regarding the company
  9. What are your hobbies?
  10. At last they asked whether I have any questions to them. (I suggest you to ask questions to interviewer as it shows you are eager to know about the company and work there. This is common for all companies)

This was the last round. After this the results were announced next day.

Be confident and answer whatever you know for the particular question.

I have prepared for Interviews from GeeksforGeeks which helped me to crack this recruitment process. So I decided to write my experience which helps many like me. I thank GeeksforGeeks for this opportunity. 

Last Updated : 20 Oct, 2020
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