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Target Corporation Interview Experience for Java Backend (2yrs Experienced)

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Round 1(Online Assessment): This round consists of 3 sections

  1. Quantitative Aptitude & Reasoning – 15 MCQs – 15 minutes
  2. Code snippet – 15 MCQs – 15 minutes
  3. 2 coding questions:
    1. 1 Medium (Arrays)
    2. 1 Hard (Graphs+Dynamic Programming)

Round 2 (Online Interview): In this round, you get the questions mostly from your resume. Be confident about each topic present on your CV.

Questions like:

  1. DSA questions – Given a string array, return the array without duplicates 
  2. Questions extending on it –> write test cases for the above code. 
  3. What is HashMap, and how does it work?
  4. Collections interface –> what are the types in it?
  5. What is dependency injection?
  6. Where do you configure the server port?
  7. How do you connect to the database in springboot?
  8. How does load balancing work?
  9. What is circuit breaker and states in it?

Round 3:

  1. Low-Level Design – Instagram
  2. What is Docker? why is it used?
  3. Given an array and number ‘n’, return the first n highest numbers without sorting it
  4. How do you accept a client request and return the response?
  5. How do you configure different environments like dev,qa?
  6. SQL – insert all the values of table1 to another table named table2


Be confident in your resume. Tell your approach to the question. Be interactive while you are doing LLD or DSA questions because Interviewers will help you when you are stuck.


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Last Updated : 29 Dec, 2022
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