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Target Corporation Interview Experience
  • Last Updated : 28 Sep, 2020

I’m an EE student.

Pre Placement Talk :

There Will be a Pre Placement talk about 50 min. They’ll talk about what their Company is about and work culture, CTC and benefits etc

If you are serious about the company you should pay attention to talk and try to note some points so that you can ask them in the interview. 

Screening Test :

Test is Conducted on AMCAT. There are three section and a total of 90 min. 

First Section is Aptitude. They’ll give some paragraphs, you need to analyze the and mark the options that make more sense from the paragraph.

Second Section is Coding based : They’ll give some code snippets or some pseudo code and ask to guess the output or spot the error or ask about time complexity of the code. These 2 sections are easy and pretty straight forward. 

Third Section is actual Coding round: There are 2 questions of 60 min time limit. This is the section which decides whether you’ll be short listed or not.

Each person will get 2 different questions. Mine were,


In a city there are few houses. Each House has a number along with the distance form the starting point of the city. we need to find the maximum place in-between two houses so that we can build the biggest house in the city.


first line of the input contains N where N is the number of houses

next N  lines contains 2 integers house number and house distance respectively.


print the numbers of the houses in ascending order where we can build the biggest house.

if there are 2 such places, print the one with closest to city reference point (i.e. 0)

Example :

input  :


3 7

1 9

2 0

5 15

4 30

output  :

4 5

Explanation :  4 and 5 are the houses with maximum place between them. 


Given a square matrix with entries just 0’s and 1’s, Output -1 If there are two 1’s that are right next to each other or on top of each other but not diagonal and output 1 otherwise.


first line contains N, where N is the size of matrix followed by N x N elements


see the question.

Example :

input  :


0 1 1 1


0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 1

output :



Explanation :  in the first case matrix looks like this [0 1]  2,1 and 2,2 are side by side so output is -1

                                                                                 [1 1]

in the second case [0 0 0] , No one is side by side or on top of eachother.

                              [0 1 0]

                              [1 0 1]

Round 2 : Technical Interview

There is an Technical Interview on Aspiring minds platform where 2 people take your interview about 50 min. They’ll ask about

-> Projects in Your CV and explanation of how you did it.

-> Details about your intern and what’s you work or role in internship. Sometimes they’ll go into the technicalities of the intern or project, be prepared. 

-> Technical Questions mainly on DMBS, SQL queries, knowledge in Data Structures is always advantageous, sorting algorithms, linear and binary searches and of course Time Complexity

they don’t particularly ask you to code in-front of them but they ask you to write pseudo code and explain the logic some times with outputs in each iteration. they ask you time complexity every time and ask you to improve it

Some of the coding questions that I was asked are,

  • find an number in a array might be sorted or unsorted, explain linear and binary search with this example
  • 2nd minimum in a unsorted array
  • given a number K find the two numbers that add up to K  in a given sorted array
  • write and SQL query to get the second highest salary from a table of employees

Unfortunately out of 8 people, I didn’t make it to HR interview, only 2 people made into HR.

Thanks for reading.

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