Talend Interview Experience | Set 1

Talend visited our campus for associative Technical support Engg offering  5.6 lac CTC. JP Nagar 3rd stage, Bangalore, karnataka.

Entrance test was:

Questions are easy except OS part. In OS they asked about some Unix commands. By the way its written test. All questions are Objectives.

Round 1: Technical round 1
There were nearly 130 members took test and 30 shortlisted. 2 panels were there in room. 1st question was tell about your self. After that based on Resume they started questioning. Some basic Java questions like threads, threads life cycle, inheritance and so on. All basics and that’s was very quick and easy.

Round 2: Combined tech 2 and HR round
Manager only took this round. 11/30 made through the 1st round. Please note this. He had my booklet with all rough sheets I have used in test and 1st round. There was cube color problem given in aptitude test. He asked me to write code for it. I did it but my Communication skill isnt up to the mark. So I got rejected. He gently explained why he’s rejecting me very well and I’m OK with what he said.

Round 3: Communication skill test
I did’nt attended this round but my friend did. This is Skype voice chatting test. They called one of US client and tell him to solve his problem. This is just to check how you communicate with clients.

All staffs are good and very responsive. That’s it folks.

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