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Taking Screenshots using pyscreenshot in Python

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Python offers multiple libraries to ease our work. Here we will learn how to take a screenshot using Python. Python provides a module called pyscreenshot for this task. It is only a pure Python wrapper, a thin layer over existing backends. Performance and interactivity are not important for this library.


Install the package pyscreenshot using the below command in your command prompt.

pip install pyscreenshot

Capturing Full Screen

Here we will learn the simplest way of taking a screenshot using pyscreenshot module. Here we will use the function show() to view the screenshot. 


# Program to take screenshot
import pyscreenshot
# To capture the screen
image = pyscreenshot.grab()
# To display the captured screenshot
# To save the screenshot"GeeksforGeeks.png")


Full Screenshot

Capturing part of the screen

Here is the simple Python program to capture the part of the screen. Here we need to provide the pixel positions in the grab() function. We need to pass the coordinates in the form of a tuple. 


# Program for partial screenshot
import pyscreenshot
# im=pyscreenshot.grab(bbox=(x1,x2,y1,y2))
image = pyscreenshot.grab(bbox=(10, 10, 500, 500))
# To view the screenshot
# To save the screenshot"GeeksforGeeks.png")


Partial Screenshot

Important Points:

  • We need to install pillow (PIL) package before installing pyscreenshot package.
  • Here show() function works as print i.e. It displays the captured screenshot.
  • We need to pass the coordinates in tuple.
  • We can save the screenshot to a file or PIL image memory.

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Last Updated : 05 Sep, 2020
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