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Round 1: Programming (L1) and Aptitude. Duration: 2 hours Section 1: 10 Predict the output questions. Each question carries 1 mark. Topics: Loops, Pointers, If-Else, Array… Read More
Round 1: Aptitude round with 25 question. Split up 15 of C aptitude and 10 quant.. Questions on C aptitude were tricky with recursion and… Read More
Recently I attended Zoho Interview (On Campus) drive. I would like to thank GeeksforGeeks for giving me this opportunity.  Round 1:Written Test   50 MCQ’s based… Read More
Hi all, I’m here to share my Zoho interview experience. Firstly, it was a pool drive and I applied through my college(Sathyabama University) and the… Read More
I was interviewed for the Software Developer role in Zoho Estancia campus, Chennai on November 9th, 2019. The entire process ended up on the same… Read More
I was interviewed in Zoho’s Chennai office in November 2019. The whole process took two weeks. Round 1: First round was a written round of… Read More
Round 1: 30 apti questions out  of which 15 logical apti and 15 technical c apti. Logical  C apti very basic and most of them will… Read More
Interview Experience- ZOHO Corporation Round 1 ( written test ) Round 1 consisted of 25 Questions.(15 + 10) (Time: 60 minutes). First 15 questions were… Read More
I recently Attended Zoho(Chennai) interview – off campus. I got referred through LinkedIn. The interview consisted of three rounds: 1.Written Programming Round (5 questions) Check… Read More
I attended Zoho interview on Feb 2nd, 2019  Round 1:  There were 25 questions.15 Technical Questions and 10 Aptitude questions  Technical Questions-Basic looping, conditional statements,… Read More
Zoho Crop: Zoho corp visited our campus for recruitment, It was a two days process: Day 1: Written Test and Coding round Day 2: Advanced… Read More
Zoho was a two day process. The first day had the aptitude and coding round. The second day consisted of the module coding and interview… Read More
Round 1: Pen and Paper test on Aptitude and C, C++ Fill in the blanks ( mainly focused on tracing Recursions and Pointers ). Duration… Read More
Round 1: First round consisted of quantitative aptitude questions, logical reasoning and C technical questions without choice. This is the pattern that is mostly followed… Read More
Round 1: 15 find the output coding questions and 10 aptitude. Time = 2 hours. Round 2:There were 5 coding questions which we need to solve… Read More