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there were 5 rounds of interview with 3 technical round, 1 director round and 1 HR round. Round 1 (Technical) 1st question :- Minimum number… Read More
Given a positive integer, find the maximum integer possible by doing at-most K swap operations on its digits.Examples:  Input: M = 254, K = 1… Read More
Given a text and a wildcard pattern, implement wildcard pattern matching algorithm that finds if wildcard pattern is matched with text. The matching should cover… Read More
Round 1 (Coding round): 1) Range [L, R] is given. Need to find what is the maximum repeating digit in prime numbers between L and… Read More
Online round: [60 mins] 1. given a number N. print in how many ways it can be represented as N = a+b+c+d , 1< =a<… Read More
The Interview Experience below is for Walmart Labs. The hire process was for their IDC(Development Center). This was an On-campus hiring event. Hiring Procedure: There… Read More
Recently walmart labs came to our campus for campus recruitment. Here is my interview experience: Round 1 (MCQ + Coding Questions) This round was conducted… Read More
I was interviewed for Senior Software Engineer position in Walmart (6-8 years of experience,even people with 4yrs exp were also shortlisted) Written Test (Hacker Earth)… Read More
Given an array of integers, find the length of the longest sub-sequence such that elements in the subsequence are consecutive integers, the consecutive numbers can… Read More
Walmart Labs Interview Experience – On campus 1st round (Online Test) It was an online test of 90 minutes and was conducted on Hackerearth. It… Read More
1st round (Written Test) It was an online test of 90 minutes and was conducted on Hackerearth. It consisted of 10 MCQ’s and 3 coding… Read More
Given a Binary Tree, we need to print the bottom view from left to right. A node x is there in output if x is… Read More
There was 1 coding round and 4 F2F interviews. This was for Software Developer Position(Note:-It was not for the research division in Walmart Labs)  Coding… Read More
Top view of a binary tree is the set of nodes visible when the tree is viewed from the top. Given a binary tree, print… Read More
Given a sorted dictionary (array of words) of an alien language, find order of characters in the language. Examples:   Input: words[] = {"baa", "abcd", "abca",… Read More