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Virtusa arrived at my college in the month of August 2022, I wanted to share my experience with all of us.  Eligibility Criteria: 65% or… Read More
Recently Virtusa conducted Virtusa Neural hack for the 2022 batch for a full-time job and internship for the final year. I am happy to tell… Read More
In 2022 Virtusa visited our college in the 6th semester. To get placed in Virtusa there are 2 categories. There are 3 rounds Written Test(Elimination… Read More
Virtusa visited our campus in September 2021 for the Java Full Stack Engineer role recruitment the whole process involved a total of 3 rounds. Round… Read More
Virtusa company visited our college for full-time employment. The selection process consists of three rounds Written Test Technical round  HR Round 1: Initial Technical Assignment:… Read More
Virtusa came to our campus in July end. The process was conducted in three phases Online Aptitude Test and coding test Technical interview  Managerial/HR round… Read More
Recently Virtusa visited our college for offering a full-time job for two roles one was and the other was 7lpa during our 6th semester. Total… Read More
Difficulty:Easy to Medium Virtusa visited our campus to hire an associate engineer in July 2022. It was a mix of virtual + offline placement drives.… Read More
Virtusa visited our college in July 2022. It was an On-Campus recruitment drive. There were two roles: Regular Coder  Power Coder  It consists of 3… Read More
Virtusa visited our college during the 6th semester. The process consisted of 3 rounds. Round 1 (3 hours): This was an online assessment round. The… Read More
So Virtusa Corporation is an American information technology services company founded in 1996 in Sri Lanka and has its headquarters in Southborough, Massachusetts, United States.… Read More
Round 1(Coding): The first round was from Virtusa Neural Hack contest. There are 4 questions of medium level and can solve in JAVA only. I… Read More
Round 1: This was on-campus hiring. It consisted of 3 rounds. Written test Technical Round HR Round Round 1: Written Test Section 1 : HTML,CSS,JAVASCRIPT… Read More
My Interview Summary (11-08-2021) Intro: Name Education Interests Projects The technology used in projects Internships Organizations Publications Python: Namespaces Data types Built-in functions Python java… Read More
Hello Geeks, I am going to share My Interview Experience AT Virtusa Corporations. This was an On-Campus Recruitment Drive for Virtusa. There were 3 Rounds… Read More

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