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Given a tree with N vertices and N-1 Edges. Let’s define a function F(a, b) which is equal to the minimum edge weight in the… Read More
Consider a special social network where people are called connected if one person is connected to other with any number of intermediate connections. For example… Read More
Given n expressions of the type x = y and x != y where 1 ≤ x, y ≤ n, the task is to check… Read More
Given a number N(1<=N<=2000)., The task is to find the number strings of size N that can be obtained after using characters from 'a' to… Read More
Given two arrays, and with n elements each. The task is to make these two arrays identical i:e, for each , we want to make . In a single… Read More
Below are the steps for finding MST using Kruskal’s algorithm  Sort all the edges in non-decreasing order of their weight.  Pick the smallest edge. Check… Read More
Given a tree, and the cost of a subtree is defined as |S|*AND(S) where |S| is the size of the subtree and AND(S) is bitwise… Read More
Given a tree and weights of nodes. Weights are non-negative integers. Task is to find maximum size of a subtree of a given tree such… Read More
Check whether a given graph contains a cycle or not. Example:  Input: Output: Graph contains Cycle. Input: Output: Graph does not contain Cycle. Prerequisites: Disjoint… Read More
Given a connected acyclic graph, a source vertex and a destination vertex, your task is to count the number of vertices between the given source… Read More
Dynamic connectivity is a data structure that dynamically maintains the information about the connected components of graph. In simple words suppose there is a graph… Read More
I recently got interviewed for MakeMyTrip for the Software Engineer full time position. There were in a total of 5 rounds. First Round (Online Coding… Read More
Given a boolean 2D matrix, find the number of islands.A group of connected 1s forms an island. For example, the below matrix contains 5 islands … Read More
Given a set of n jobs where each job i has a deadline di >=1 and profit pi>=0. Only one job can be scheduled at… Read More
What is a Disjoint set data structure? Two sets are called disjoint sets if they don’t have any element in common, the intersection of sets… Read More

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