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Tag Archives: UGC NET CS 2016 July – III

Consider the following two languages : L1 = {0i1j| gcd (i, j) = 1} L2 is any subset of 0*. Which of the following is… Read More
The regular expression for the complement of the language L = {anbm|n ≥ 4, m ≤ 3} is: (A) (λ + a + aa +… Read More
Which of the following is false regarding the evaluation of computer programming languages ? (A) Application oriented features (B) Efficiency and Readability (C) Software development… Read More
Match the following types of variables with the corresponding programming languages: (A) (1) (B) (2) (C) (3) (D) (4) Answer: (C) Explanation: Static variables are… Read More
Given the following statements: (A) To implement Abstract Data Type, a programming language require a syntactic unit to encapsulate type definition. (B) To implement ADT,… Read More
Which of the following statement(s) is/are correct with reference to curve generation? I. Hermite curves are generated using the concepts of interpolation. II. Bezier curves… Read More
In perspective projection, if a line segment joining a point which lies in front of the viewer to a point in back of the viewer… Read More
Semi-join strategies are techniques for query processing in distributed database system. Which of the following is a semi-join technique ? (A) Only the joining attributes… Read More
Consider the following ORACLE relations : R (A, B, C) = {, , , , , } S (B, C, D) = {, , ,… Read More
Which of the following statements concerning Object-Oriented databases is FALSE? (A) Objects in an object-oriented database contain not only data but also methods for processing… Read More
In _____ method, the word is written to the block in both the cache and main memory, in parallel. (A) Write through (B) Write back… Read More
The _____ addressing mode is similar to register indirect addressing mode, except that an offset is added to the contents of the register. The offset… Read More
The register that stores all interrupt requests is: (A) Interrupt mask register (B) Interrupt service register (C) Interrupt request register (D) Status register Answer: (C)… Read More
Which of the following in 8085 microprocessor performs HL = HL + DE ? (A) DAD D (B) DAD H (C) DAD B (D) DAD… Read More
8085 microprocessor has _____ hardware interrupts. (A) 2 (B) 3 (C) 4 (D) 5 Answer: (D) Explanation: 8085 microprocessor has 5 hardware interrupts. Named TRAP,… Read More