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Given two integers N and T denoting the number of levels and the number of seconds respectively, the task is to find the number of… Read More
Given a matrix arr[][] of size N * 3 such that each row consists of 3 properties defining an element, i.e. (x-coordinate, y-coordinate, speed), and… Read More
A boat takes N1 hr to row a bot X1 km downstream of a river and take N2 hr to cover a distance of X2… Read More
Write a program to determine speed of the boat in still water(B) given the speed of the stream(S in km/hr), the time taken (for same… Read More
Write a program to determine the distance(D) between two points traveled by a boat, given the speed of boat in still water(B), the speed of… Read More
Write a program to find the speed of boat upstream and downstream. In order to calculate the speed of the boat upstream and downstream, we… Read More
Two cars with speed of 15 kmph and 30 kmph respectively are 100 km apart and face each other. The distance between them 5 minutes… Read More
A train’s speed including stoppages, is 10 m/sec and 15 m/sec excluding stoppages. For how many seconds does the train stop per minute? (A) 10 sec… Read More
Walking 3/4th of his speed, a person is 10 sec late to his office. Find his usual time to cover the distance? (A) 40 sec… Read More
A car completes a journey in 10 hrs, the first half at 11 kmph and the second half at 14kmph. Find the total distance covered?… Read More
A train covers a journey of 4 stations connected to form a square at speeds of 20, 40, 60 and 80 km/hr. What is the… Read More
Peter and Beckon start to walk in the same direction together. If Peter’s speed is 5 km/h and Beckon’s speed is 6 km/h, find out… Read More

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