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Round 1:  First round was an online coding Test on Hacker Rank.  We need to solve two questions in 90 minutesHey geek! It's time to… Read More
Q.1> Given a string, find the longest subseqence of chars from string that conntains all vowels may be repeated but in a e i o… Read More
Perfect sums is the sum of two or more number of elements of arrays whose sum is equal to a given number. Return 999 if… Read More
Given an array of integers and a sum, the task is to print all subsets of the given array with a sum equal to a… Read More
This is an online coding test conducted by Tesco, Bengaluru. 2 questions – 2 hrsHey geek! It's time to become a success story instead of… Read More
Given two strings str1 and str2, find if str1 is a subsequence of str2. A subsequence is a sequence that can be derived from another… Read More

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