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Vim, the popular text editor comes with a built-in feature to encrypt files with a password. Vim uses algorithms like Blowfish to encrypt files. It… Read More
As we know Python is a suitable language for scriptwriters and developers. Let’s write a script for Voice Assistant using Python. The query for the… Read More
Given a number A in decimal base, the task is to find the Nth digit from last in base BExamples:   Input: A = 100, N… Read More
Spring boot is a Java-based framework to develop microservices in order to build enterprise-level applications. You often come across developing projects where you have to… Read More
JShell is an interactive Java Shell tool, it allows us to execute Java code from the shell and shows output immediately. JShell is a REPL… Read More
Prerequisite: Arrays in C Jagged array is array of arrays such that member arrays can be of different sizes, i.e., we can create a 2-D… Read More
Given an IP address, the task is to validate this IP address with the help of Regular Expressions.The IP address is a string in the… Read More
The Android kernel helps the applications to communicate with the hardware components of the device. For example: Most of us are familiar with game mode.… Read More
In android, there are three types of Menus available to define a set of options and actions in our android applications. The Menus in android… Read More
Paradigm means an idea or pattern. In this article, we will see the classification of the paradigms for distributed applications.  Level of Abstraction:  Message Passing… Read More
Design: Here are the things that it should support: Grouping of the fields of the form Validations for fields Submit button For example, the user… Read More
Working with any technology requires to interact with files and directories. Files and directories maintain a tree structure for easy access. Working with Node.js also… Read More
Bootstrap Modal: It is a dialog window that opens inside the browser window on triggering certain events. It is a really convenient way to improve… Read More
Introduction: SMS is a common method of sending short messages between cell phones, but these SMS can be sent using API in Node.js. Now there… Read More
A Max-Heap is a complete binary tree in which the value in each internal node is greater than or equal to the values in the… Read More

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