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Given an array of size n and the task is to find Coefficient of variation . Coefficient of variation is the ratio of standard deviation… Read More
Given an n sized unsorted array, find median and mode using counting sort technique. This can be useful when array elements are in limited range.… Read More
Prerequisite : Correlation CoefficientGiven two arrays X[] and Y[]. Find Spearman’s Rank Correlation. In Spearman rank correlation instead of working with the data values themselves… Read More
Given two investment options A and B, we have to find the less risky investment of the two. The two investments A and B are… Read More
You are given an array of n-elements you have to find the mean of the array as mean of all consecutive m-elements of array for… Read More
Normally mean of the matrix is the average of all elements present in the matrix. Consider a modified mean as the floor of the mean… Read More
Given two different series arr1[n] and arr2[m] of size n and m. The task is to find the mean and variance of combined series.Examples :  … Read More
A median in an array with the length of n is an element which occupies position number (n+1)/2 after we sort the elements in the… Read More
Given two array elements and we have to find the correlation coefficient between two arrays. The correlation coefficient is an equation that is used to… Read More
There are given an array of natural numbers and another array with corresponding weight of the number. Then we have to calculate the weighted mean.  … Read More
Given an array of elements, find harmonic mean of numbers. Examples:   Input : arr[] = {2.0, 1.0} Output : 1.3333 Harmonic mean = 2/(1/2.0 + 1/1.0)… Read More
Interpolation is the technique of estimating the value of a function for any intermediate value of the independent variable, while the process of computing the… Read More
Given an array of n integers. We are allowed to add k additional integer in the array and then find the median of the resultant… Read More
Given an array, we need to calculate the variance and standard deviation of the elements of the array.  Examples :  Input : arr[] = [1,… Read More

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