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Prerequisite – Equivalence Class Testing To perform automated Equivalence Class Testing, we can make use of Pytest or Unittest Python libraries. In this article, we… Read More
Defect Triage, also known as Bug Triage, is basically used in software testing. It is required to explain the severity and priority of the defects.… Read More
1. Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) : Developed in early 1990s, Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) is a management approach aiming at improvements by means of elevating… Read More
Formal review generally provides various ways to improve quality, efficiency, and productivity of software development to simply recognize and solve their own issue and defects… Read More
Reconnaissance (or simply Recon) is initial phase in Pen Testing process. The goal of recon is to gather as much information about the target as… Read More
Display methods are basically main and important methods that are employed by software inspection process simply to ensure and confirm correctness of code and also… Read More
Equivalence Partitioning Method is also known as Equivalence class partitioning (ECP). It is a software testing technique or black-box testing that divides input domain into… Read More
Prerequisite: Mutation Testing Mutpy is a Mutation testing tool in Python that generated mutants and computes a mutation score. It supports standard unittest module, generates… Read More
Prerequisite – BVA Testing To perform automated BVA(Boundary Value Analysis) Testing, we can use Pytest or Unittest libraries in Python. Here, we will use the… Read More
GQM or Goal Question Metric approach is a method used to identify important and meaningful metrics in the following way : List the goals or… Read More
Test configuration generation is an important part of Combinatorial test design process. Combinatorial design process is shown in the figure below : Attention reader! Don’t… Read More
A graph matrix is a data structure that can assist in developing a tool for automation of path testing. Properties of graph matrices are fundamental… Read More
Recovery testing is a type of system testing which aims at testing whether a system can recover from failures or not. The technique involves failing… Read More
As the name suggests, test case prioritization refers to prioritizing test cases in test suite on basis of different factors. Factors could be code coverage,… Read More
Refactoring or Code Refactoring is defined as systematic process of improving existing computer code, without adding new functionality or changing external behaviour of the code.… Read More

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