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Given a string, the task is to count all palindrome sub string in a given string. Length of palindrome sub string is greater than or… Read More
Given a Binary Tree, convert it to a Circular Doubly Linked List (In-Place).   The left and right pointers in nodes are to be used as… Read More
Hi All. SAP Labs visited our campus. The whole process was divided in 5 rounds : 1) Aptitude and coding round 2) Technical interview 1… Read More
Given a string containing alphanumeric characters, calculate sum of all numbers present in the string. Examples:  Input: 1abc23 Output: 24 Input: geeks4geeks Output: 4 Input:… Read More
Given a singly linked list, find if the linked list is circular or not. A linked list is called circular if it is not NULL-terminated… Read More
Question: Design a Data Structure SpecialStack that supports all the stack operations like push(), pop(), isEmpty(), isFull() and an additional operation getMin() which should return… Read More
A number ‘n’ is called Bleak if it cannot be represented as sum of a positive number x and set bit count in x, i.e.,… Read More
Hey guys, a pool campus drive for North-East India has been conducted by SAP Labs India in Guwahati, Assam. The selection process is divided into… Read More
Hello guys, SAP recently conducted a pool drive for 2016 pass-outs. The first round was an online test which had questions from different sections like:… Read More
Given two positive numbers x and y, check if y is a power of x or not.Examples :   Input: x = 10, y = 1… Read More
Given postorder traversal of a binary search tree, construct the BST.For example, if the given traversal is {1, 7, 5, 50, 40, 10}, then following… Read More
Round 1: Online Test The online test was comprised of 107 MCQ questions including 2 programming codes to be done in 90 minutes. Platform used was… Read More
Round 1: Online Test (105 mins) The online test comprised of six sections – Psychometric Test ( Time Limit : 10 minutes) Coding Questions (2… Read More
Round 1- Online Test (Time: 105 min) Psychometric test Analytical Aptitude (Easy-Moderate Level) Design Aptitude (DBMS+SE questions) Testing & Debugging ( One code to debug:… Read More
Hello friends, I appeared for SAP recruitment process in college campus. We were having online test. There were 7 sections total – Analytical, Psychometric, Design… Read More

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