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Round 1:(Online Test) There were 15 MCQs and 2 coding questions Coding question 1:- Find the count of prime numbers between l and r where… Read More
I didn’t find any interview experience regarding the Scholar program at SAP for BCA/BSc graduate in GFG so I thought of sharing my entire interview… Read More
Round 1: Online test taken by SAP with association with Hackerrank, time complexity and data structures were included in multiple choice questions  along with algorithms… Read More
SAP labs visited RV College of Engineering, Bangalore for FTE and Internship opportunities on 31st July . My interview experience is as follows: Round 1… Read More
* Disclaimer: All the questions described here were not asked to just me. I tried to archive all the questions that I remembered being asked… Read More
Round 1: Online Test 15mcq and 2 coding questions 1. Find all palindromes in a given string with length of substring in range [l, r],… Read More
Round 1: online test  15mcq and 2 coding questions  1. Find all palindromes in a given string with a given length. 2. It was modified questions… Read More
SAP labs came to College of Engineering, Guindy for FTE and Internship on July 24th. My interview experience is as follows: Round 1 This was… Read More
SAP Labs came for on campus internship recruitment (2 months) 2020 for B.Tech students. There were a total of 4 rounds Round 1: Online Test… Read More
SAP Labs India visited our college for full time hiring for the position of Associate Developer. Round 1 (Online Test): This round consisted of 2… Read More
Round 1: Online Test- The test was given on Hackerrank. There were 20 MCQs based on Computer Science concepts, Mathematics fundamentals and Data structures. There were… Read More
SAP Labs took online test in Our Campus(AOT) in September 2018. Round 1: Online Test through Hackerrank Portal. There was 25 questions along with 2… Read More
Round 1: Received the Hackerrank test link via email after resume shortlisting, you can apply on their careers website. Test contained one coding question ‘Print… Read More
SAP Labs visited our campus on 25th July, 2018 for two kinds of offers i.e.  1) Full time + internship 2)only internship. There was no… Read More
Online Round SAP Labs India visited our campus on 11’th Aug 2018 offering full time as well as internship (2 months, 6 months) Following was… Read More

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