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Round 1:   Bitwise operations : Number of times 1 occurs in a number Bitwise : Is number power of 2 ARM : Diff FIQ and… Read More
Until this moment, I did only 1 round. First they told me about the company and what they do here. Then asked about me, and… Read More
The interview started off with a small introduction to myself, about what I currently do in my job and what are my areas of interest.… Read More
Total 205 were shortlisted for the first round with CGPA cut-off as 8.76. Round 1: Aptitude cum Technical Round Duration: 45 mins Online test on… Read More
ROUND-1: Aptitude cum Technical Round Total of 205 students were shortlisted for the first round which was of general aptitude and the cgpa cutoff was… Read More
1st round Totally based on current work. NAND In SSD how it work. how it hold the voltage? how request will come from host how… Read More
ROUND-1 Written test-including 10 basic aptitude questions, 10 questions of C and 2 Coding Questions. –Design data structure to implement sparse matrix. –One bit manipulation ques.  Top 8… Read More

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