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While developing an Android App we come across a lot of errors. Even a single line of code can cause an error which can ruin… Read More
RxJava is a JVM library that uses observable sequences to perform asynchronous and event-based programming. Its primary building blocks are triple O’s, which stand for… Read More
According to the official RxJava documentation “Zip combines the emissions of several Observables using a given function and emits single items based on the outcomes… Read More
The cache on your Android phone is a collection of little pieces of information that your apps and web browser utilize to improve efficiency. RxOperator… Read More
Prior to RxJava, we used Bus libraries like Otto, EventBus, startActivityForResult Intent, and others to update other fragments on behalf of the current job. Let’s… Read More
In this article, we will learn about the RxJava Create and fromCallable Operators. We can choose between the required function based on what is required… Read More
Nowadays, most of the programs we use in our everyday lives include a search option that allows us to easily find what we’re looking for.… Read More
We will learn about the RxJava Timer, Delay, and Interval Operators in this post. Also, the use case of all the different Timers, Delays, and… Read More
RxJava is the most significant library, and it is widely used by Android developers. It simplifies our lives. RxJava is used for multithreading, managing background… Read More
In the model-view paradigm, this class represents an observable object, or “data.” It can be subclassed in order to represent an object that the application… Read More
In this article, we will learn about the RxJava Defer Operator. Depending on our use case, we’ll know when to utilize the Defer operator. We… Read More

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