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An exception is an unwanted or unexpected event, which occurs during the execution of a program, i.e. at runtime, that disrupts the normal flow of… Read More
In Ruby, all the pattern matching is done with the help of special variable $~. All the pattern matches will set the $~ to a… Read More
A directory is a place for storing files. In Ruby, directories are handled by the Dir class and files are handled by the File class.… Read More
Struct is a compact way to group together a number of attributes, using accessor methods, without creating an explicit class. The Struct class is a… Read More
In Ruby, Hash is a collection of unique keys and their values. Hash is like an Array, except the indexing is done with the help… Read More
The objects of the Symbol class represent the names present inside the Ruby interpreter. They are usually generated by using :name literal syntax or by… Read More
In Ruby, Integer class is the basis for the two concrete classes that hold whole numbers. These concrete classes are Bignum and Fixnum. Fixnum holds… Read More
In Ruby, Float class is a subclass of Numeric class. The objects of the Float class represents real numbers using the native architecture’s double- precision… Read More
In Ruby, threads are used to implement concurrent programming module. Programs that required multiple threads, use the Thread class to create threads. Thread class contains… Read More
Prerequisite: Ruby | Ranges Ruby provides a Range class. Ruby ranges depict a set of values with a beginning and an end. Values of a… Read More

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