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Question 11: Draw the graph of the equation 2x + 3y = 12. From the graph, find the coordinates of the point: (i) whose y-coordinates… Read More
Question 11. Using factor theorem, factorize of the polynomials : x3 – 10x2 – 53x – 42 Solution: Given that, f(x) = x3–10x2 – 53x… Read More
Question 1. Using factor theorem, factorize of the polynomials: x3 + 6x2 + 11x + 6 Solution: Given that, polynomial eqn., f(x) = x3 +… Read More
Question 1. Plot the following points on the graph paper: (i) (2, 5)      (ii) (4, -3)      (iii) (-5, -7)    … Read More
Question 11. The number of runs scored by a cricket player in 25 innings is as follows: 26, 35, 94, 48, 82, 105, 53, 0,… Read More
Question 1. What do you understand by the word “statistics” in: (i) singular form (ii) plural form? Solution: The word statistics can be used in… Read More
Question11. If P is any point in the interior of a parallelogram ABCD, then prove that area of the triangle APB is less than half… Read More
Question 1. In the figure, compute the area of quadrilateral ABCD. Solution:  According to the question DC = 17 cm, AD = 9 cm and… Read More
Question 1. In ΔABC, D, E and F are, respectively the mid points of BC, CA and AB. If the lengths of sides AB, BC… Read More