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Deep Learning is a type of Artificial Intelligence or AI function that tries to imitate or mimic the working principle of a human brain for… Read More
The term Neural Networks refers to the system of neurons either organic or artificial in nature. In artificial intelligence reference, neural networks are a set… Read More
Regularization is a form of regression technique that shrinks or regularizes or constraints the coefficient estimates towards 0 (or zero). In this technique, a penalty… Read More
The word Machine Learning was first coined by Arthur Samuel in 1959. The definition of machine learning can be defined as that machine learning gives… Read More
The major challenge in designing a machine learning model is to make it work accurately on the unseen data. To know whether the designed model… Read More
Decision tree is a type of algorithm in machine learning that uses decisions as the features to represent the result in the form of a… Read More
Machine learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence that provides a machine with the ability to learn automatically without being explicitly programmed. The machine in… Read More
Bootstrapping is a statistical method for inference about a population using sample data. It can be used to estimate the confidence interval(CI) by drawing samples… Read More
Elastic Net regression is a classification algorithm that overcomes the limitations of the lasso(least absolute shrinkage and selection operator) method which uses a penalty function… Read More
Ridge regression is a classification algorithm that works in part as it doesn’t require unbiased estimators. Ridge regression minimizes the residual sum of squares of… Read More
Lasso regression is a classification algorithm that uses shrinkage in simple and sparse models(i.e model with fewer parameters). In Shrinkage, data values are shrunk towards… Read More
Time Series Analysis is a way of analysing and learning the behaviour of datasets over a period. Moreover, it helps in learning the behavior of… Read More
Machine Learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence (AI), which is used to create intelligent systems that are able to learn without being programmed explicitly.… Read More
Fisher’s F test calculates the ratio between the larger variance and the smaller variance. We use the F test when we want to check where… Read More
Correlation is a statistical measure that indicates how strongly two variables are related. It involves the relationship between multiple variables as well. For instance, if… Read More