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A sum of money doubles itself in 10 years at simple interest. What is the rate of interest? (A) 11 (B) 15 (C) 20 (D)… Read More
The rate of interest for the first 2 yrs is 3% per annum, for the next 3 years is 8% per annum and for the… Read More
The SI on a sum is 1/4th of the principal, and the duration(in years) is equal to the rate per cent per annum. Find the… Read More
In what time will Rs.8500 pay an amount of Rs. 7267.50 as S.I at 4.5 per cent per annum? (A) 19 (B) 20 (C) 18… Read More
(A) 5 (B) 4 (C) 4.25 (D) 6 Answer: (B) Explanation: R=SI. 100/P.T = (31.25 X 100)/(468.75 X 5/3) = 4Quiz of this Question My… Read More
Find the simple interest on Rs.300 for 6 months at 10% per annum. (A) 20 (B) 15 (C) 17 (D) 13 Answer: (B) Explanation: SI… Read More
At what rate of SI, a sum of Rs.7000 amounts to Rs.7700 in 2 years? (A) 5.5% (B) 6.5% (C) 6% (D) 5% Answer: (D)… Read More
Ram has an amount of Rs. 9000. How much time will it take to earn 1620 as S.I at a rate of 4.5% per annum?… Read More
Ram landed Rs.33600 at 25/4 % per annum for 9 months. Find the amount he received as S.I. (A) 1565 (B) 1522 (C) 1675 (D)… Read More
George invests an amount of Rs 15800 for 9 months at the rate of 25/4 % per annum. Find out of the simple interest on… Read More
What will be the simple interest on Rs 70,000 at 50/3 % per annum after 9 months? (A) Rs 8750 (B) Rs 8745 (C) Rs… Read More
Charles deposits a sum of Rs 800 that will amount to Rs 920 in 3 years. However, the bank decides to increase the interest rate… Read More
A sum amounts to Rs 2506 at simple interest rate of 13.5% per annum after 4 years. Find the sum. (A) 1624.25 (B) 1621.27 (C)… Read More

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