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Tag Archives: QA – Placement Quizzes-Ratio and Proportion

Felix and Adam win Rs 1210 together. 4/15 of Felix’s share is same as 2/5 of Adam’s share. How much did Adam win? (A) Rs… Read More
Syrup and Water are mixed in 2:1 ratio to form 60 litres of a mixture. How much water needs to be added to make the… Read More
If (x:y) = 2:1, then (x²-y²):(x²+y²) = __ ? (A) 1:2 (B) 3:5 (C) 2:1 (D) 5:4 Answer: (B) Explanation: Given, x:y = 2:1 ⇒… Read More
A certain amount of money is distributed between Alfred, Adam, Harry and Leo in the proportion of 5:2:4:3. Harry’s share is Rs 1000 more than… Read More
If the ages of Jacob, Max and Samuel are in the proportion 3:5:7 and the average of their ages is 25 years, then find the… Read More
The ratio 5:3 represents 16 liters of a mixture containing milk and water. If 4 liters of water is added and 4 liters of milk… Read More
In a library, the ratio of the books on Computer, Physics and Mathematics is 5:7:8. If the collection of books is increased respectively by 40%,… Read More
Mark, Steve and Bill get their salaries in the ratio of 2:3:5. If their salaries are incremented by 15%, 10%, and 20% respectively, the new… Read More