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Project Title – Basic Ecommerce Website using Django  Django is a powerful framework based on python. Here we will see how to create a basic… Read More
Website security has been an important factor while developing websites and web applications. Many frameworks come with their own security policies and developers also try… Read More
A blog mostly needs content but that doesn’t mean, your blog will be on top of Google search. For this you will need Speed, Security,… Read More
Often, to manage content efficiently we use WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor which stores our content in html and is also… Read More
Whenever one tries to visit a link that doesn’t exist on a website, it gives a 404 Error, that this page is not found. Similarly,… Read More
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Multi factor authentication is one of the most basic principle when adding security for our applications. In this tutorial, we will be adding multi factor… Read More
The related_name attribute specifies the name of the reverse relation from the User model back to your model. If you don’t specify a related_name, Django… Read More
Some functions are hard as well as boring to code each and every time. But Django users don’t have to worry about that because Django… Read More
 In Django, select_related and prefetch_related are designed to stop the deluge of database queries that are caused by accessing related objects.In this article we will… Read More
Every new Django project should use a custom user model. The official Django documentation says it is “highly recommended” but I’ll go a step further and say… Read More
Django by default doesn’t provide any Django form styling method due to which it takes a lot of effort and precious time to beautifully style… Read More
Progressive Web Apps or PWA are a type of application that is developed using web technologies and can be installed on any device like a… Read More
Django-Taggit is a Django application which is used to add tags to blogs, articles etc. It makes very easy for us to make adding the… Read More

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