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Prerequisites: Python Pip Django When we submit the data using the HTML form, it sends the data to the server at a particular URL which… Read More
Have you ever passed through an overbridge and noticed the sign stating the bridge weight restriction? Those restrictions are put in place to ensure public… Read More
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In this article, we will discuss how to customize Object Level Permissions in Django REST Framework. To customize permission classes in Django REST Framework, we… Read More
There are many different scenarios to consider when it comes to access control. Allowing unauthorized access to risky operations or restricted areas results in a… Read More
Authentication is a mechanism that provides access control based on the credentials associated with incoming requests. Django REST Framework provides several authentication schemes. In this… Read More
There will be a lot of sensitive information in our Django project resided in the, or local variables containing sensitive information or the POST… Read More
Let’s look at how to create a user for Django using Django’s interactive shell? Make sure you have the virtual environment activated, and you are… Read More
Django… Isn’t it your favorite framework? (especially if you are new to the programming world) Yes! It is… Did you try to learn this framework… Read More
Python is a powerful high-level programming language that can be possibly used in a lot of fields. These fields can range from data science to… Read More
One of the most common problems faced by college students is that we have very erratic timetables and it is a cumbersome task to keep… Read More
In this article, we are going to build College Management System using Django and will be using dbsqlite database. In the times of covid, when… Read More
Prerequisites:  Django Introduction and Installation in Django is a command-line utility that works similar to the django-admin command. The difference is that it points… Read More
Prerequisite: Adding Filtering in APIs – Django REST Framework [link needed article on published yet] Django filters facilitate filtering the queryset to retrieve the relevant… Read More
Payments are an integral part of the online ecosystem, be it at e-commerce stores to process the orders or a simple donation to someone. Integrating… Read More

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