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Tag Archives: Python dictionary-programs

Given a dictionary, test if it is incrementing, i.e its key and values are increasing by 1. Input : test_dict = {1:2, 3:4, 5:6, 7:8} Output… Read More
Given a Dictionary, sort by summation of key and value.  Input : test_dict = {3:5, 1:3, 4:6, 2:7, 8:1} Output : {1: 3, 3: 5, 2:… Read More
Given List of Strings, convert to dictionary with Key as initial value of values. Won’t work in cases having words with similar initials.  Input :… Read More
Prerequisite: Dictionaries in Python A dictionary is a collection which is unordered, changeable, and indexed. In Python, dictionaries are written with curly brackets, and they… Read More
Python dictionary is a versatile data structure that allows a lot of operations to be done without any hassle. Calculating the standard deviation is shown… Read More
Given a dictionary, divide it into an equal dictionary list of size k, by dividing each key’s value. Input : test_dict = {“Gfg” : 9,… Read More
Given two list, one will be used to provide keys to dictionary and the other for values. The following program takes K values from second… Read More
Given a dictionary, extract items from a particular level. Examples: Input : {“Gfg” : {  “n1”: 3, “nd2”: { “n2” : 6 }}, “is” : {… Read More
Given two dictionary lists, remove all the dictionaries which have similar value of K key from other dictionary list. Input : test_list = [{‘Gfg’ :… Read More
Given Dictionary List, sort by summation of their values.  Input : test_list = [{1 : 3, 4 : 5, 3 : 5}, {1 : 100},… Read More
Given dictionary, perform sort on basis of maximum or minimum element present in dictionary values list. Input : test_dict = {“Gfg” : [6, 4], “best”… Read More
Given a dictionary, assign its keys as function calls. Case 1 : Without Params.  The way that is employed to achieve this task is that,… Read More
Given dictionary with string keys, remove double quotes from it. Input : test_dict = {‘”Geeks”‘ : 3, ‘”g”eeks’ : 9} Output : {‘Geeks’: 3, ‘geeks’: 9} Explanation… Read More
Given a list of dictionaries, check whether particular key-value pair exists or not. Input : [{“Gfg” : “4”, “is” : “good”, “best” : “1”}, {“Gfg”… Read More
Given a List of dictionaries, extract all the dictionaries which have empty strings as values of a particular key. Input : test_list = [{"Gfg" :… Read More

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