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Puzzle: Ram used to arrive at the railway station every day at 6 pm from work. As soon as Ram arrived at the station, his… Read More
Puzzle: Raghav is trapped on top of a building and wishes to reach the ground safely. He has with him a piece of rope running… Read More
Puzzle: You are provided with 8 identical balls and a measuring instrument. 7 of the eight balls are equal in weight and one of the… Read More
Puzzle: There are 100 men in a village. One day they gather at a place and started making statements. 1st man said: "At least 1… Read More
Puzzle: There are two trains(Train A and Train B) running on the same track towards each other at a speed of 100 km/hr. They enter… Read More
Suppose you are in an empty closed room with a glass of water without using any measuring tool how will you identify whether the water… Read More
Puzzle: We have to divide a square into 5 parts such that 4 parts among them are equal. The condition is that even once the… Read More
Given N number of bottles in which one bottle is poisoned. So the task is to find out minimum number of rats required to identify… Read More
Problem Statement: A secret can be told only to 2 persons in 5 minutes. The same person tells to 2 more persons and so on.… Read More
There are 1000 light bulbs and 1000 people. All light bulbs are initially off. Person 1 goes flipping light bulb 1, 2, 3, 4, …… Read More
There is a bus with 100 labelled seats (labelled from 1 to 100). There are 100 persons standing in a queue. Persons are also labelled… Read More
Sahil and Ritik are brothers. One day they were discussing who is smarter. But gradually the discussion turned into an argument. Mother came and tried… Read More
There are 25 horses among which you need to find out the fastest 3 horses. You can conduct race among at most 5 to find… Read More

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