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Process: There were 4 rounds of Interviews. Round 1(HR interview):  Tell me about yourself. What experience do you have in this field? Why are you… Read More
Round 1:- Build a React Project (2 days) A project on small e-commerce site for adding item to cart, adding to fav and search functionality.… Read More
There were three rounds in total. Round 1: First-round was the assignments round. I received an assignment by email(Shop webpage UI, need to build it… Read More
Overall a medium interview experience. Round 1: Introduction, DBMS, OS questions on threads, deadlocks Leetcode Rotate array 90 degrees Leetcode Reverse linked list in K… Read More
Round-1(Technical Interview): Firstly Interviewer asked me two puzzles, one was related with water jug problem( and other was cake cutting problem ( ). He… Read More
There are generally Three interview rounds in Pickrr, if you are applying outside campus. Round 1: My first round was a basic coding round where… Read More
Technical Interview Round – 1: The interview started with my introduction, and then the interviewer asked me to brief about my internships and my responsibilities… Read More
PICKRR TECHNOLOGIES PVT. LTD. visited my campus to hire for the role of Software Development Engineer I. I knew Pickrr Technologies is a fast-growing tech-based… Read More
There were in total 3 rounds of interview. Round 1(Time – 1.5 hour): It was a technical round where I was asked to build a… Read More
I applied off-campus in Pickrr through LinkedIn for the role of Software Developer – I (Backend) Round 1: First round was a written technical test… Read More
There were three interview rounds as follows: Round 1(50-60 min): First-round was a basic coding round where I was asked about some database-related questions and… Read More
I was Interviewed by Pickrr for the position of software developer. There were a total of 3 rounds. My first round was a Hackerrank test,… Read More
ROUND-1(Online HackerEarth Assessment): Format: 10 MCQs. 2 DSA programming questions. 90 Mins MCQs are based on core CS concepts. Coding problems on DP and Graph… Read More
Round 1(Technical Interview 1 – FE): DSA question on array related, Javascript questions on variables, hoisting, currying, event loop, closures. Advance HTML, CSS questions. like-… Read More
There were total 3 rounds of interview as follow: ROUND 1: Time – 60-65 mins It was a technical round. The interviewer has asked me… Read More

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