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In Geometry, 3D shapes are known as three-dimensional shapes or solids, or solid shapes. 3D shapes or solid shapes have three different measures such as… Read More
In mathematics, the slope or gradient of a line is a number that describes both the direction X and Y and the steepness of the… Read More
Mensuration is the branch of mathematics that deals with the study of different geometrical shapes and their areas. It uses geometric calculations and algebraic equations… Read More
Any plane or any shape has two measurements like length and width, that is why it is called a two-dimensional(2D) object. Circle, square, triangles, rectangles,… Read More
Factorize each of the following expressions: Question 1. p3+27 Solution: ⇒ p3+33 ⇒(p+3)(p2-3p-9)                        … Read More
Question 1. Evaluate the following: i) 14C3 Solution: We know that    nCr=n!/(n-r)!r! =>14C3=14!/(14-3)!3!             =14!/11!3!        … Read More
The findOneAndDelete() method deletes a single document based on the selection criteria from the collection. It deletes the first document from the collection that matches… Read More
MongoDB is an open-source document-oriented database that is designed to store a large scale of data and also allows you to work with that data… Read More
In MongoDB, we are allowed to create new users for the database. Every MongoDB user only accesses the data that is required for their role.… Read More
Question 1. Find the vector equation of the plane passing through the points (1, 1, 1), (1, -1, 1) and (-7, -3, -5) Solution: Given… Read More
MongoDB, the most popular open-source document-oriented database is a NoSQL type of database. NoSQL database stands for Non-Structured Query Database. MongoDB stores the data in… Read More
The dropIndex() method drops or delete the specified index from the given collection. It takes only one parameter which is the index, that we want… Read More
Question 1. Show that the points A, B, C with position vectors  and  are collinear. Solution:  Given that,  Position vector of   Position vector of  Position vector of … Read More
Node.js is an open source and cross-platform runtime environment for executing JavaScript code outside a browser. There are various platforms such as Windows, Linux, Mac… Read More

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