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In this article, we are going to see how to display asterisks as feedback when you type the password in the terminal in Linux. Here… Read More
Filelight is an application to visualize disk usage on your computer. It is open-source and free software that works on Linux and Windows systems. Filelight… Read More
Every time you delete a file from your Linux system using the shift + delete or rm command, it doesn’t actually permanently and securely delete… Read More
SSH Server provides us with a secure encrypted communications channel between two untrusted hosts over an insecure network. Still, we can not say for sure… Read More
Most of us have a habit of downloading many types of stuff (songs, files, etc) from the internet and that is why we may often… Read More
Linux is a solution to the data center. It is flexible, stable, secure, and reliable. There are many users logged into servers for development purposes,… Read More
In many apps, we have seen the Settings screen which is most common in most of the apps. This settings screen is used to manage… Read More
The default port that the MySQL database server runs under Linux is 3306/TCP.  Use the commands below to change the default MySQL/MariaDB Database port in… Read More
This is a special kind of operator in JavaScript. To understand the double tilde operator, first, we need to discuss the tilde operator or Bitwise… Read More
Lynis is an open-source security auditing tool for UNIX derivatives like Linux, Mac OS, BSD, other Unix-based operating systems etc. Performing extensive health scan of… Read More It is a GUI library built by Thomas Fuchs in 2005 based on Prototype JavaScript Framework to fulfill the need for a library with… Read More
Deepl is the best language translator command-line tool that detects the language of input text and translates it into the desired language using advanced machine… Read More
Physical and Logical tags are used in HTML for better visibility and understanding of the text by the user on the web page. However, both… Read More
Perl is a multi-purpose interpreted language that is often implemented using Perl scripts that can be saved using the .pl extension and run directly using… Read More
CloneNotSupportedException is thrown to show that the clone method in class Object has been called to clone an object, but that the object’s class does… Read More

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