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Write a function to check whether two given strings are Permutation of each other or not. A Permutation of a string is another string that… Read More
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A graph is a non-linear data structure, which consists of vertices(or nodes) connected by edges(or arcs) where edges may be directed or undirected. In Computer… Read More
Prerequisite – Process Synchronization | Introduction, Critical Section, Semaphores Process Synchronization is a technique which is used to coordinate the process that use shared Data.… Read More
Python is not “statically typed”. We do not need to declare variables before using them or declare their type. A variable is created the moment… Read More
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Given three numbers, how to sort them? Examples:  Input : arr[] = {3, 2, 1} Output : arr[] = {1, 2, 3} Input : arr[]… Read More
Below is the example of the Boolean prototype Constructor property. Example: <script>         Boolean.prototype.color = function(pro)          {             if (pro == true) {                 return "Green";             } else… Read More
Prerequisite – Graph Theory Basics – Set 1, Set 2 A graph is defined as set of points known as ‘Vertices’ and line joining these points… Read More
A Hasse diagram is a graphical representation of the relation of elements of a partially ordered set (poset) with an implied upward orientation. A point… Read More