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In computer graphics, we often need to draw different types of objects onto the screen. Objects are not flat all time and we need to… Read More
Prerequisites:  Pointers in C++ Functions in C++ Passing Pointers to functions means declaring the function parameter as a pointer, at the function calling passing the… Read More
Prerequisite:  Classes and Objects in C++ The location of an object in the memory is called its address. Addressing is a necessary part of C++,… Read More
Prerequisite: Structure in C Array in C In C language, arrays are made to store similar types of data in contiguous memory locations. We can… Read More
Prerequisite: Pointers in C++ A pointer variable is a variable that stores the address of another variable or in other a pointer variable points to… Read More
Char is a keyword used for representing characters in C. Character size in C is 1 byte. There are two methods to compare characters in… Read More
Database testing is a process used to ensure the accuracy and completeness of data in a database. There are several types of database testing, including… Read More
A Char datatype is a datatype that is used to store a single character. It is always enclosed within a single quote (‘ ‘). Syntax: … Read More
Prerequisite: Maps Maps are associative containers that store elements in a mapped fashion. Each element has a key value and a mapped value. No two… Read More
In this article, we learn how we can convert float to string in C++ using different methods:  Using the to_string() Using stringstream Using Macros Using… Read More
A graph is a type of non-linear data structure that has two types of components “Vertices” (nodes) and “edges”. It contains a set of vertices… Read More
Bootstrap 5 Enable Flex Behaviors are used to apply display utilities to create a flexbox container and transform direct children elements into flex items. With… Read More
Obtaining the color information about the screen pixels is a common operation performed by automation software, which relies on activity on the screen. The process… Read More
Prerequisite: Array in C An array is a type of data structure where we can store multiple elements of similar data types. A multidimensional array… Read More
Prerequisite: Bitwise operators in C In this article, we will see what is Sign extension and how to significantly extend a nine-bit number with a… Read More

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