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Pre-requisite: Kubernetes Nodes are the Worker machines where the actual work happens. Each node has the services required to execute Pods and is controlled by… Read More
Pre-requisite: Kubernetes Kubernetes Cluster mainly consists of Worker Machines called Nodes and a Control Plane. In a cluster, there is at least one worker node.… Read More
Pre-requisite: GCP Google Cloud Platform offers a suite of networking services that can help you manage and build complex network architectures, reduce network latency, and… Read More
Nearest neighbor interpolation is a type of interpolation. This method simply determines the “nearest” neighboring pixel and assumes its intensity value, as opposed to calculating… Read More
A group of technologies known as Language-Integrated Query (LINQ) is built on the direct integration of query functionality into the C# language. The query expression… Read More
If is a type of condition checking in which a condition turns out to be true a block of statements is executed. Syntax: // if… Read More
Business is concerned with the production and distribution of goods and services to meet demands. Finance is required by businesses to carry out many activities.… Read More
Jon and Arya are playing a game. The rules of the game are as follows: They have a single number N initially. Both will play… Read More
Exceptions are runtime anomalies or abnormal conditions that a program encounters during its execution. C doesn’t provide any specialized keywords for this purpose but in… Read More
What is Size Limited Queue? Size limited queue is the same as a normal queue but it has the special property that at any time… Read More
Cend() is the function defined in C++ STL. This function produces a constant random access iterator that identifies the deque’s past-the-end element. If the container… Read More
Prerequisites: Structures in C++ Vector in C++ Structures are user-defined datatypes used to group various related variables into one single data type.  The structures can… Read More
Delimiters are used as separators between the characters or words in a string so that different results can get separated by the delimiter. In this… Read More
In this article, we will see how to shake an image using CSS Keyframe, along with knowing the different properties used to shake the image,… Read More
Bootstrap 5 Toasts Options available a few features like enable/disable, auto-hide, etc. A toast is used to create something like an alert box that is… Read More

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