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Tag Archives: Perl-Hash-Functions

A hash is a set of key-value pairs. Perl stores elements of a hash such that it searches for the values based on its keys.… Read More
The exists() function in Perl is used to check whether an element in an given array or hash exists or not. This function returns 1… Read More
values() Function in Perl returns the list of all the values stored in a Hash. In a scalar context it returns the number of elements… Read More
keys() function in Perl returns all the keys of the HASH as a list. Order of elements in the List need not to be same… Read More
This function returns a Two-element list consisting of the key and value pair for the next element of a hash when called in List context,… Read More
Delete() in Perl is used to delete the specified keys and their associated values from a hash, or the specified elements in the case of… Read More

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