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Tag Archives: Perl-Array-Functions

In Perl, array is a special type of variable. The array is used to store the list of values and each object of the list… Read More
wantarray() function in Perl returns True if the currently executing subroutine expects to return a list value, and false if it is looking for a… Read More
The exists() function in Perl is used to check whether an element in an given array or hash exists or not. This function returns 1… Read More
The grep() function in Perl used to extract any element from the given array which evaluates the true value for the given regular expression. Syntax:… Read More
unshift() function in Perl places the given list of elements at the beginning of an array. Thereby shifting all the values in the array by… Read More
shift() function in Perl returns the first value in an array, removing it and shifting the elements of the array list to the left by… Read More
pop() function in Perl returns the last element of Array passed to it as an argument, removing that value from the array. Note that the… Read More
push() function in Perl is used to push a list of values onto the end of the array. push() function is often used with pop… Read More

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