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Barack spends Rs 6650 to buy some goods and gets a rebate of 6% on it. After this, he pays a sales tax of 10%.… Read More
Mary buys an item at Rs 25 in a sale and saves Rs 5. Find out the percentage of her savings. (A) 40/3 % (B)… Read More
Jack consumes 75% of his salary. Later his salary is increased by 20% and he increases his expenditures by 10%. Find the percentage increase in… Read More
The price of sugar is decreased by 10%. As a consequence, monthly sales is increased by 30%. Find out the percentage increase in monthly revenue.… Read More
Mary’s salary is reduced by 10%. By what percentage must her new salary be increased in order to gain her old salary? (A) 137⁄9 %… Read More
John earns 33.33% more than Peter. By what percentage is Peter’s earning less than that of John’s? (A) 22 % (B) 25 % (C) 26… Read More