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Online Coding Round | Time: 70 minutes | 3 Coding Questions Was based on Number System. Counting the number of minimum currency required for given… Read More
First round: Online coding round on cocubes. It has three coding questions. Print reverse given numbers. Find the maximum sum of subarray containing no duplicates. Find… Read More
How I came to know about the opening ? So, Paytm recruiters mention a post on linked in and my friend tag me in the… Read More
Round 1: 1. Introduce YourSelf. 2. Delete a node from the linked list where the pointer to that node is given and head pointer is… Read More
Hi Geeks, I had recently appeared for the interview of Paytm Noida for the position of Software Engineer. I am having 1 year 7 months… Read More
I got the chance to get interview for Software Development Engineer 1 post for Paytm Payment Banks office in Noida. I had 1.5 year experience.… Read More
Round 1: TECHNICAL TEST (ONLINE) It included basic array questions like dividing money according to given problem statement (mostly arrays) practice must do questions from… Read More
Round 1:  There was an online round consisting of 4 sections and needs to be done in a span of 70 minutes. Data structure question… Read More
Round 1: Written test (if you will carry laptop then it is a proper testing questions): 40 questions with basic cmd commands, basic SQL commands,… Read More
For Paytm Noida location Round 1:(Machine Coding Round) This round was a machine coding round and some MCQ’s based questions were also asked(1 hr) This… Read More
Round 1: This round was basically for DS: 1.Give me brief introduction about you. 2.Given a tree find distance between two nodes and return -1… Read More
For Paytm Bangalore location Round 1: Pen paper round consists of 22-25 questions(1.5HR) 6 questions from SQL based on SQL joins and basic aggregate functions.… Read More
I was called at Noida office for a face to face interview. Round 1: Face to Face interview This round started with basic tell me… Read More
Given a number check whether it is a mystery number or not. A mystery number is that number which can be expressed as sum of… Read More
Given an array of elements and change the array in such a way that all the elements on the array are distinct. if you are… Read More