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The diameter of a tree (sometimes called the width) is the number of nodes on the longest path between two leaves in the tree. The… Read More
Round 1: Question paper was divided into 4 sections TIME: 2 hrs 1. English 2. Software engineering aptitude 3. General coding questions 4. Mathematical aptitude… Read More
Here is how my interview for ORACLE (Profile: App Dev) went about, Round 1: This included MCQs that covered a lot of topics, such as:… Read More
Write a function to connect all the adjacent nodes at the same level in a binary tree. Example: Input Tree A / \ B C… Read More
Oracle GBU recruit at NIT Agartala for the following Profile: Application Developer Software developer QA Analyst The whole recruitement process complete in the following phases… Read More
Oracle came to our campus for two roles: 1. Server Tech. 2. Application Developer. Both these roles had a common elimination round but people who… Read More
Pre-Interview Round: Round 1: 4 sections: *Communication Skills and English *Software Engineering Aptitude *Coding Questions *General Computer Science Each section has 4/5 sub-sections. And each… Read More
Oracle GBU’s conducted pool placement drive for NIT Agartala and NIT Silchar. The first round consisted of 2 hours long aptitude. It included the following… Read More
Profile: Application Engineer Recruitment Procedure (On-Campus) Test 1: This was an aptitude test of around 2 hrs. It consisted of four parts and had subsections.… Read More
Recently, Oracle visited our campus for the post of Application Engineers. Students of CE, IT, EC and EE were allowed to sit for the placements.… Read More
Oracle visited our campus for the job profile of Application development and server technology. Sharing interview experience of server technology. Round-1: Online Test There were… Read More
Round 1 : Online Test Duration: 2+ hours Format: 4 Sections each having 3-4 subsections each having some MCQs Level: Easy | (91/120~) selected Content… Read More
This was an on-campus recruitment drive happened in the last week of July. Let’s get started Round-1: (Online Round) There are 4 sections in this… Read More
Pre-interview rounds 1st round– was MCQ round having questions in 4 sections-verbal communication, aptitude, coding, os n DBMS for around 2hrs 2nd round-coding round- 2… Read More
One written test which is very tough and lasted for 2 hours …. unexpectedly I was shortlisted for the next round which is a coding… Read More