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Tag Archives: Operating Systems-Deadlock

Deadlock is a situation which involves the interaction of more than one resources and processes with each other. We can visualise the occurrence of deadlock… Read More
Deadlock:  Deadlock occurs when each process holds a resource and wait for other resource held by any other process. Necessary conditions for deadlock to occur… Read More
Prerequisite – Deadlock and Starvation  Livelock occurs when two or more processes continually repeat the same interaction in response to changes in the other processes… Read More
Given: A system has R identical resources, P processes competing for them and N is the maximum need of each process. The task is to… Read More
Prerequisite – Deadlock Introduction, deadlock detection In the centralized approach of deadlock detection, two techniques are used namely: Completely centralized algorithm and Ho Ramamurthy algorithm (One… Read More
Which of the following is not true with respect to deadlock prevention and deadlock avoidance schemes ? (A) In deadlock prevention, the request for resources… Read More
Consider the following snapshot of a system running n processes. Process i is holding Xi instances of a resource R, 1 <= i <= n.… Read More
Suppose n processes, P1, …. Pn share m identical resource units, which can be reserved and released one at a time. The maximum resource requirement… Read More

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